A trip to crosswords was all that it took, and of course those skimming through the pages. Downloading soft covers of these titles to know they just might be those rom-com reads you might be looking for. Maybe to fill that void of your lost long-distance boyfriend, or warmth from a cold month, alongside your hot chocolate.

The beauty about books is the intricacy and details that usually get missed out on the movies. With great stories and titles of these budding rom-coms we can’t help but get started and you should too.

1. The Way We Were:

What happens when your hate-his-guts ex is back in town? Myra Rai has been living her best life both career and relationship wise, that is until Andrew Brown, a headstrong political activist is back to the city after winning a stint in the US. After having lost one another and years between them, it’s a race to best one another in this stormy and thrilling rom-com.

2. The Match:

Love finds you when you least expect it. The day a single dad, Jacob Broaden walks into Southern Service Paws in the potential of matching his daughter with one of their service dogs was all that she needed. Like a change in seasons and a rather quick change of sides, she finds out that he might be looking at her with fire in his eyes, making her dream of something she shouldn’t: A family.

3. Mixed Signals:

A bashful man who can rock a Hawaiian shirt and a hopeful and dreamy bakery owner who are Caleb Alvarez and Layla. While Caleb might have the perfect proposition to save Layla from another date gone bad, gives her a one-month no strings attached dating while he tries to renew her faith in men and she gets to rate his dating game. But one thing they haven’t considered is their flaming hot chemistry. Will the heat boil them over or will it be another case of mixed signals?

4. How To Kiss Your Best Friend:

A hot high school chemistry teacher and a globetrotting journalist who travels the world, they used to be best friends until one kiss changed everything. Kate is back temporarily and his feelings are strong for her permanently. But this time, the attraction doesn’t seem to be one-sided. Will he be able to make her stay? Or will he lose her again – this time for good?

5. Better Than The Movies:

Daydreamer Liz gave her heart to Michael a long time ago. But her cool aloof hot neighbor Wes is back in town and he never really saw her before he moved away. Liz will do whatever it takes to get on his radar and maybe even snag him as a prom date or befriend Wes Bennet. While Wes has been a pain in the ass of Liz since they were kids. But things take a turn when Wes and Michael hit it off, making it an in for Liz. But as Liz and Wes start getting closer to each other she is shocked to discover that she likes being around Wes. This makes her re-examine everything she knew about love and more.