Airbnb is the new way for renting a space. No matter how big the family, vacation or occasion. What makes Airbnb so affordable and sleeker than hotel stays isn’t just the freedom you get to stroll around. But the number of luxury options at the same price of 5 or 7 star hotel stays.

The best about Airbnb’s however are the owners who make you feel at home, not quite literally. With maps and guides ready on the go that help you locate any city with ease. With the versatility of its location, every city holds the most luxurious spaces that surpass grandeur in a hotel too.

Here are 3 reasons why you should Airbnb your next travel destination:

1. Villa like stays:

No Airbnb is ever small and composed. And for the price you pay, you end up staying in the most posh villas, apartments or beach-side cottages if you get what I’m saying. Most villas come with an added charm of the destination you’re staying at, unlike hotels that follow a theme. With spectacular views of either the city or garden area – Airbnb’s are now the most opted travel companion for most, even celebrities.

2. Independency at its finest:

It’s independent living for me. Airbnb’s come with utmost privacy that allow you to be your own guest and host. These spaces allow you to be with your extended families or your best friends you ought to take the trip with. Luxurious rooms with huge baths and kitchens bring out the best of creativity in you, making sightseeing and coming back to your apartment is just as worth it.

3. Amenities that make your heart cave:

It’s obvious for the amount you pay to get whiffed to a beauty that comes with its own pool, garden and amenities within the villa/apartment – making you wish it was your house. The liberty to cook-in, stock up on your favorite beers and juices from the market in Spain or explore the neighborhood in Amsterdam. The worry of laundering your items and being yourself in your space is what Airbnb brings.

Don’t forget, most Airbnb’s tend to surround themselves in markets or close to cutesy coffee shops where you can let loose and move along the city in just your shorts and an oversized hoodie – all while heading back to a luxurious retreat and pampering that comes with a lot of food and cozy bedtime routines.