Early mornings or extremely late-on schedule brunches have one thing in common, that is you can create a breakfast bowl in less than 10 minutes. Breakfast bowls have been quite popular in the influencer and Youtube realm. With aesthetic and delicious snaps inclusive of all your dessert craving in one healthy meal.

The versatility of this bowl is – it can make for a pre or post workout meal or an end-the-day with berries and yogurt indulgence. Varieties when it comes to ingredients you can use to design your very own bowl is what makes it the ultimate breakfast bowl story.

These are 5 types of bowl you can experiment with on a daily or weekly basis:

1. Yogurt Bowl

With the varieties of yogurt bowls making its rounds, and the berry overload with peanut butters, bananas and even coconut shavings – I’d say I’m planning my trip to the grocery store soon. To not only stock up on the fruits but hell load of Greek Yogurts. Let’s not forget what a delicious start to the day packed with gut-friendly and antioxidant rich breakfast it would be. Throw in an orange juice too, because why not.

2. Granola Bowl

Granola’s have forever been tagged as a healthy alternative to energy bars and a healthier snacking option. A granola bowl with some yogurt, fruits, chia seeds and more make it a crunchy and filling bowl of goodness.

3. A Featured Egg

I love my eggs in the morning. Either scrambled, sunny side up or an omelet. The flexibility of a breakfast bowl is that you can have your egg however. Take it with your avocados, chickpeas or sweet potatoes. I love heading over to Pinterest because the list is endless. You’re sure to never get bored.

4. Flavored Oats

Here chocolate oats. I mean. Do I need to say more? Understandably oats for a few people including me can be a little bland, that’s why youtubers love mixing their protein powders and sauces to their oats to make it as flavorsome as this. (We love a coconut garnish or a peanut butter drizzle, too)

5. Smoothie Bowl

Cafes and breakfast places make a dime by selling smoothie bowls. Make your own by whisking out your berries, bananas and protein powder to make the most delicious smoothie bowl. Add in all of your fruits and wipe your refrigerator clean. You’re your own chef, enjoy your mornings with a beautiful kickstart to the day.