In the last few years, Y2K fashion has grown significantly. From baby tees to bucket hats to low-rise bootcut jeans, etc. One of them was cargo, which dominated the fashion scene. The 90s fashion staple known as the cargo skirt is currently making a comeback. These pocketed skirts are once again available in a variety of hues, textures, and lengths, from minis to maxis. It is simple to pair them with other traditional things because of the velcro, chains, and pocket features that offer just the right amount of visual appeal.

It’s fun to style the cargo skirt variations because of the dramatic silhouettes with high slits, zippers and ruching. You would think that all cargo skirts are the same, but they come in a range of lengths, fabrics, and prints. Common materials for cargo skirts include leather, denim, satin, twill, and cotton. You can simply dress up or down a cargo skirt. Many celebs, including Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Beiber, were spotted sporting cargo trousers or skirts. Cargo skirts that are long or midi in length make a perfect alternative to micro skirts for those seeking something distinctive and trending.

Here are some of our favourite celeb looks

Kendall Jenner

Since it is a neutral colour, this taupe skirt matches any type of top. Solid colours are always a safe bet. In addition to being cosy, it’s also versatile which will help you experiment with different pieces.

Bella Hadid

This outfit screams Y2K. The low-waist parachute cargo skirt is back in style and can be worn in so many ways to create a look that is either reminiscent of the 1990s or entirely modern. This outfit is an ideal picture of how a cargo skirt can be dressed up.

Hailey Bieber

The pinstripe cargo skirt upgrades the cargo trend with a unique take on the traditional cargo skirt. The co-ord set looks more put together, especially when paired with heels.