Given the current climate crisis that humanity is experiencing, it is important to promote an eco-friendly, healthier, and safer planet. So many followers of these sustainability influencers in the world are learning from them by cutting out plastic, preserving food, and adopting a zero-waste lifestyle.

Sustainability influencers also share a glimpse of their personal lives. They share recipes for delicious food that is good for both people and the environment. They educate their fans about ethical brands. This not only supports sustainability but helps us take a step towards a better future. These sustainability influencers will definitely inspire you to go green.

1. Pankti Pandey


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Pankti’s Instagram promotes living life waste-free. You name it, Pankti has it. Video tutorials, product swaps, and helpful tips are just a few examples. Pankti supports slow fashion and minimalism in addition to zero-waste living. Her writing is ideal for Indians because it highlights our long-standing sustainable habits.

2. Aditi Mayer


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The Indian-American content creator has become one of the industry’s most outspoken defenders of equality, decolonization, and labour rights. She is a member of the global platform that links social issues with fashion, the Intersectional Environmentalist and the State of Fashion Council, which advocates for climate justice.

3. Elizabeth Teo


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In order to raise awareness about sustainability, zero-waste, slow fashion, diversity, environmental justice, and other topics, her account contains intriguing news, graphics, videos, charts, and screenshots of her tweet and blogs frequently.

4. Nayana Premnath


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During her time as a YouTuber for beauty and lifestyle, Nayana learned about the zero-waste movement. If you enjoy having access to a variety of resources, Nayana is the gal to follow. In addition to an active Instagram account, Nayana also runs a website and a YouTube channel. All of her products not only show off her experience with zero waste but also her experimentation with a vegan diet, including some delectable recipes.

5. Sreedevi Bindu Olappamanna


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If you let it, sustainability can permeate your existence and become your way of life. Sreedevi’s Instagram profile inspires one to live a conscious lifestyle for the benefit of the environment. She covers topics like how to reuse the clothes you already own and how to create zero waste in other areas of life.

Let’s make the world a better place to live in, and let us know your go-to tips that made you go green in the comments below!