The advantages of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and salicylic acid for your skin are undoubtedly well known to you. What if we told you that these chemicals have advantages that go beyond those that pertain to your face?Popular skincare chemicals are increasingly being found in hair care products like shampoos, conditioners, and style aids. This trend has been properly dubbed the “skinification of hair” by some. Discover the uses and advantages of the compounds that were once only found in cosmetics but are now being utilised in hair care by reading on.

Why Are Actives Used For Hair?

Although the needs of the skin and hair are distinct, the same type of therapy can be applied to both since a healthy scalp is a key to beautiful hair, and the scalp is an extension of the skin. The most recent hair care methods favour hybrid methods over conventional ones. It is more comprehensive because it offers ways to strengthen and protect hair while preserving a healthy scalp. You must make the same decision when choosing items for your hair as you would when selecting a specific ingredient to address a skin condition. You can add the following items to your daily hair care regimen.


The way our hair ages is greatly influenced by our lifestyle choices and genetics. As the production of pigment declines over time, it could become brittle, and coarse, and fade to grey. In addition, UV rays accelerate the aging process and harm the proteins and colour of hair. “ The protein collagen is necessary for the body. The largest protein in our bodies, it accounts for around one-third of the total protein in our bodies. The surface of hair may adhere to collagen protein, making it supple and plump. Your hair might benefit greatly from a collagen hair mask. Collagen’s amino acids support improved scalp health and stronger hair development, as collagen promotes the skin’s texture and anti-aging properties. It takes 12 to 16 hours.

Hyaluronic Acid

Dehydration of the hair can occur, especially when the cuticle is damaged by harsh water, heat, or chemicals. Both the scalp and the hair strands benefit from hyaluronic acid. Collagen can flourish in the skin and scalp thanks to the humectant molecules’ ability to draw and hold moisture there. The molecules cover the hair strands and moisturise them when they are applied to the hair. Additionally, it protects the hair from heat and other styling-related harm. Choose a product with hyaluronic acid since they perform best as a leave-on treatment.

Micellar Water

If you use makeup, you must already include water in your skincare regimen. It works best to remove grime, oil, and makeup and cleanse the skin because it is mild on sensitive skin. A similar method is utilised by micellar water shampoos, which are suitable for all types of hair. Additionally, it works for hair that has been chemically damaged and treated. Small lipid molecules called micelles draw dirt and oil to themselves like a magnet. In contrast to other cleansing agents, micelles have a lipid core that bonds with the impurities while protecting important nutrients, rinsing away to leave behind clean, nourished hair. Micellar water for hair is a great option for properly removing product buildup, impurities, and sweat because of its gentleness while still being powerful.Hair and scalp, like skin, have unique requirements and concerns. Before developing or adopting a new hair care routine, it is important to take into account a number of variables, including the weather, the quality of the water, underlying health concerns, and hair concerns. Therefore, before using any ingredient-specific hair care line, it’s crucial to speak with a dermatologist or trichologist.