Ear piercing is a cool new trend in town. Of course, the kind of ear piercing you decide to get is important. When I was younger, to show how edgy I was, I might get one or two studs in my lobes or even a cartilage hoop. But now, there are several ear-piercing styles for every mood, as well as a huge selection of earrings to go with them. Social media has made it simpler to see what kinds of ear piercings are available as well as the distinctive, contemporary jewellery you can wear with them. It can be difficult to know where to begin with so many options available. Scroll on to check out earring piercings that are extremely popular lately.

1. Snakebites

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This design features two piercings that are closely spaced apart and either have the same jewellery in each or different pairs of earrings. Depending on your mood, you can wear different pairs of earrings or keep them all the same with this piercing. It looks stunning with hoops or studs. However, this one can have a somewhat tedious recovery. Since two piercings close together can result in more swelling and requires attention.

2. Tragus

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Unconventional alternatives like tragus piercing are known for their subtlety. The thicker cartilage in the middle of the ear, where this moon stud is displayed is becoming more and more popular. It isn’t immediately noticeable because it is situated rather close to your face.

3. Conch

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The inner portion of your ear, known as the conch, is most frequently capable of having a hoop cuffing the exterior. Although this location is ideal for a hoop, it is better to get it pierced with a stud to prevent discomfort and piercing bumps but you can switch to a different type after six months.

4. Daith

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Due to their adaptability, daith piercings have been popular again in recent years. Depending on the jewellery you choose, this piercing can be dressed up or down. For this one, hoops are ideal since they make cleaning and healing easier. It’s crucial to heed your piercer’s instructions regarding the jewellery to ensure that it isn’t too heavy for the piercing spot.