There is no denying the influence and entertainment that zodiac signs have, regardless of whether you are a die-hard astrology enthusiast or just someone who likes lighthearted horoscope reading and zodiac memes. Check out these zodiac-inspired jewellery brands in case you wish to expand your jewellery collection. They are the ideal way to give your look a unique flair and a bit of whimsy.


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Every astrology enthusiast needs at least one necklace and Ineze’s zodiac range offers a 14K plated artisan necklace available in each sign that looks lovely when worn alone or paired with other delicate pendants.


With bright hues and stones to fit your sign and energy, BonBonWhims’ Lucky Ring Collection is a unique and whimsical take on zodiac jewellery if you like the chunky ring trend.


The elegance and beauty of this necklace makes it perfect for any special event or mood. The four exquisite stones are Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and Green Quartz. The coolest feature is that you can choose your favourite charms and create a personalised charm necklace based on your Moon zodiac sign. You may complete the appearance by engraving your zodiac sign on the moon charm.


Mejuri has the most versatile jewllery. Your sign’s symbol is embossed on 18K gold in Mejuri’s zodiac necklace, which comes with a tiny chain and can be worn to jazz any outfit.

The Line

The hefty link chain bracelet is a stylish take on a time-honoured classic. The zodiac medallion is reversible, with your zodiac symbol carved on an enamelled base on one side and your natal constellation inscribed in diamonds on the other. This would make a wonderful addition to your jewellery collection and would stand out as a statement piece.