Fashion weeks are known to set trends. But there are a few that people can’t get over, even if they aren’t wearable. At New York Fashion Week, a few designer pieces became the crowd’s favourite. Everyone wore The Row’s minimalist strappy heels and tank shirts with the Prada emblem last year. Nevertheless, one shoe that was meant to go viral overshadowed dainty Manolos this past week: MSCHF’s huge red boots, also known as the Big Red Boots.

If MSCHF is foreign to you, they are the experimental fashion brand that enjoys leveraging the launch of new products to make a statement. They’ve created sandals made from Hermès Birkins, Birkenstock boots that mimic surgical casts, and even Satan sneakers developed in partnership with Lil Nas X that had a drop of actual blood in the soles. The brand enjoys testing the limits of fashion and, more importantly, making news. They launched their most recent product, which resembles something Mario from Super Mario might wear.

During New York Fashion Week these enormous boots were spotted on famous people and street style icons. Dorian Electra paired them with a graphic coat, skirt, and a coordinating red beret. Model Wisdom Kaye styled them with sports shorts, while model Sarah Snyder wore a shiny red skirt and white tights. Everyone appeared to agree that the statement boots should take centre stage. A few celebrities have worn them as well outside of the fashion world. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, a basketball player, wore them to the arena before a game.

Diplo wearing shoes by MSCHF

Given how strange and impractical the footwear is, it’s surprising to see how quickly—and widely—the fashion world has jumped on them before the official launch. They need a lot of effort to put on and take off, as seen in several videos online. They are undoubtedly a commitment. But if there’s one thing that fashion enthusiasts adore, it’s a gimmick, and this season, these boots were the talk of the town.