Your experience with makeup may have begun with a simple lipstick, but the beauty industry we once knew has evolved. Lipsticks, lip glosses, lip tints, lip mousses, and many other options are available now. For some time now, lip mousses have been trending, and some swear by them. But are they any different from lipsticks? Let us find out.

Lipstick Vs Lip Mousse

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Lipsticks come in different textures like cream, glitter, satin, and gloss. Each texture has a unique formulation, as well as a different look and feel. However, lip mousse has a creamy texture similar to liquid lipstick. They are light since they are air-whipped. Lipsticks can have different consistencies like cream, liquid, or even crayons. They last a long time, especially when they have a matte texture. Lip mousse applies easily and has a creamy or matte finish. It feels light on the lips. It is the best way to get some quick colour on the lips. They typically have a shiny or matte finish. The drawback is that they wear off easily especially while eating or drinking. Lip mousses are also very moisturising because they are enriched with vitamin E or essential oils. Lipsticks typically come in colourful packaging with traditional twist-up for bullet lipsticks or in crayon form. Lip mousses, however, are only available in tubes with doe-foot applicators.

Which Is Better?

It might be challenging to determine which product is better for you when there are so many choices. Most people already have all of these in their vanity, so you may mix and match or choose a product based on the occasion. However, the textures, colours, and longevity are a few factors that can help you decide. Consider lip mousses since hydration is important, especially after a long day at the office. However, matte liquid lipsticks are great for night outs or special occasions as they offer a beautiful bold finish that lasts longer.