Almost everyone has tried dyeing hair at home, whether it was out of boredom or a desire to avoid splurging at the salon. While some have a fun time experimenting others might find it tedious to keep up with coloured hair. You might also have a brassy tint (orange or yellow) in your hair if you also experimented with a fashion colour that required bleaching. Purple shampoo is here to rescue you. It is used to tone the hair while also removing undesired pigment from it. Think of it as your at-home brassy hair toning option. Purple shampoos are quite effective for platinum blonde, silver, ashy blonde, pastel, dark blonde, and light brown hair colours.

What Is Purple Shampoo?

This shampoo removes brassy tones from the hair by adding pigment to the hair. The idea behind purple shampoos is based on the concept of the colour wheel. The brassy tones are cancelled out by colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel. Purple and yellow are opposing ends of the colour wheel and are referred to as complementary colours since they balance each other out. The tiny quantity of pigment deposited onto the hair by purple shampoo evens out the yellow and gives the hair a brighter appearance. This shampoo is best used on wet hair after being rubbed between your palms until it begins to slightly foam. To remove the yellow tones from the hair, the shampoo must be left on for about five minutes. Depending on the colour of the hair, it can be left on longer. It’s best to avoid using it frequently because it could deposit a purple pigment that would change the colour of your hair. Because of this, it is advised to use it once or twice a week. If used excessively, purple shampoos might also result in buildup over time.

How To Choose The Right Purple Shampoo?

The market for purple shampoos has grown during the past few years. Depending on the shampoo’s colour, there are a variety of alternatives. Darker shades could produce results more quickly, while lighter tints would have a softer effect. You can choose a product from a variety of purple colours available depending on the toning requirements of your hair.

What Should Be The Next Step After Using A Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo functions similarly to a regular one. Hence, it can make your hair dry if not followed by a hydrating conditioner. After washing your hair, it is advised to use a purple conditioner since it hydrates the hair while continuing to tone it. A moisturising mask can also be incorporated into the routine if you want to step it up a notch.