If there’s one person or a group of people you can never go wrong with, are your friends. Every August, the first Sunday is celebrated as Friendship’s Day, and what better way to honour and cherish your relation with them, because let’s be honest our lives would be dull and boring otherwise.

As indecisive as most of us can get during this time, we’ve helped you with a list of 5 things to do so you can appreciate each other and celebrate this day to the fullest:

1. The Best Friend Massage Therapy

It’s extremely relaxing and calming to get an ayurvedic or luxe-massage therapy, but to do it with your friends on this day is a complete experience. Most salons have offers running during this day, go ahead and make the most of it.

2. A Chic Coffee Date Never Goes Wrong

Trust us, a cute coffee date or a dinner at a new restaurant both of you have wanted to try out for a very long time seems like just a gift. Don your best outfit and order the best of food, or a cheesecake and some great coffee for that matter.

3. A Netflix Marathon

A night in, lights dim, and the best of what Netflix has to offer on the screen. Browse from Friends to The Office or even your classic Bollywood movies such as Main Hoon Na or even Stranger Things to spend the night in laughter or jumps is indescribable. Don’t forget some popcorn or ramen to go!

                                                                                                           Credits : TABLE

4. Gift Her “Your” Mind:

Everyone loves gifts, and especially if it’s a well-thought out one. When it comes to friendship day, we ought to know what they might like. Be it a pamper-kit or a new piece of clothing or some matching jewellery. Go crazy as you can.

5. A Picnic By The Garden Or The Beach

Pack your best wine and select the most chill setting. Make it a brunch or a dinner that consists of everything you all love to eat. Watch the sunset and toast to a great day as you reminisce and indulge in some great snacks. 

In the end, it is what you both or a group of friends prefer doing. It’s a great day to love and cherish each other. Happy Friendship Day from us to you.