Since its inception, ClapClap has been known to create dreamy experiences for creators and celebrities every once in a while. From going to watch their favourite sport like Formula 1 or FIFA, to attending concerts like Russ or Post Malone, attending Paris Fashion Week and then some.

While curating these experiences, I also had the opportunity to witness these events by traveling with them. I attended the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix back in October 2022 with so many talented creators like Just Neel Things, Funcho, Mr. MNV, Unnati M, Tanzeel Khan, Focused Indian, and Saurabh Gadge.



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Now while traveling for work usually seems like “work” … Be rest assured, it was one helluva fun ride with this enthu gang. Let me paint you a lil’ picture. Imagine, Singapore in all its glory, Formula 1 excitement all around, and these really entertaining creators by my side. Needless to say, it was never a dull moment with them so let me share a few fun moments and a few things I noticed when I traveled with them.

1. For them, content comes first



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No matter what you’re up to, or how impatient you are, it all has to wait because for creators, content is priority. That’s one thing I respect most about them—their passion and respect for their craft. Their vlogs, their reels and their ideas were always the most important part of the journey. Even with hectic schedules of the races in Singapore, they managed to squeeze out time for content every day. So, while I ventured out for shopping or a meal, they sat together, ideated quick video ideas and even finished shooting by the time I ordered my bill on the other side of town.

2. They knew how to have fun with it


Usually, going on work trips has its own set of restrictions and boring days. But, not with creators! Creators will know how to have fun with work and not make it seem like a task. Whether it’s long-form video content or just a vlog, each frame will be interesting and intriguing almost every time. They knew how to make every moment shine, even if it was vlogging about a mundane car ride from the airport to the hotel on day 1. They spoke to the cabbie, made him sing Hindi songs and just had a blast.

3. They’re supremely accommodating



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You might think that creators might have a certain air about them, or they might have their own preferences, but man are they adjusting. I couldn’t believe how supportive and understanding they were even when things weren’t going right. For example, it rained for 4 hours straight while we were at the Grand Prix and there was no shelter to dry ourselves out. We legit got drenched in that rain and none of them complained ONCE. They, in fact, tried to make things easier and helped each other out whenever possible.

4. They’re surrounded with love



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Wherever we went, whether it was the airport (Mumbai or Singapore), the hotels in Singapore or even at the race tracks, their fans were all over. They are constantly swamped by their fans who would come over with beaming eyes in the hopes of a selfie or just a chat. It’s so beautiful to witness these hardworking geniuses, finally getting credit when it’s due.

5. They’re a one-man army



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It’s true what they say about creators—they script, shoot, edit and post content themselves. And that’s the beauty of it all, isn’t it? That they’re so very connected with their loyal audience that they know exactly the kind of content their followers/subscribers would like to watch. And while they plan it out, believe me, they need no assistance to bring those ideas to life. All they need is their tripod and their cameras.

It’s not just how much fun it was, but how inspiring that experience was to witness. I learned so many new things from all of them, that I can’t wait to do it again.

If you want to see your favourite creator do something they’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t yet got to do it, tell us in the comments below and we’ll run from pillar to post to make that happen.