Our lives are extremely humorous. I’ll tell you why. Every other week we’re always dealing with something or the other. Especially with us ladies, one week goes into Premenstrual Syndrome, then your main Devil’s Waterfall, the week after is your Post-Menstrual syndrome which leaves just one week to function normally. 

I wish I was exaggerating but this is just the truth, and not the hormones that’s talking. But let’s get serious here, apart from the bleeding days where you wanna choke every second person – PMS is your actual enemy. And luckily when the angels decide to let you off easy you can have a walk in the park period.

Our team is filled with over-enthusiastic beings (most of us being ladies) and me, being me, went around and asked them their favorite comfort food and series that helps them tackle mental breakdowns in style.

Sit back and enjoy this read while you get to know us a little better:

When it comes to Series:

Our CEO loves a good watch of The Office, as slow and funny as Jim’s character maybe, I can definitely relate for it to calm down the nerves – even if it’s till the time Netflix is on.

Our Beauty and Fashion Writer, Krishika Bhatia loves Gossip girl. As her personality might give that off. It’s definitely a chic and hilarious watch. 

Our Lifestyle Writer, Zahraa (me) vibe with Lucifer or Brooklyn 9-9. Anyone who loves Tom Ellis and Jake Peralta can relate. 

Our Social Media Manager, Sakshi Arora and her choice with Friends and Gilmore Girls is what I love. These two definitely sum up the rollercoaster we put ourselves through.

When it comes to Food:

Dense Loaf from Theobroma, a classic and yet ultra rich choice for Karishma. Somehow the satisfaction and indulgence that a great loaf of bread can bring to you is unexplainable.

Pain au chocolat is a personal favorite and I cannot help but agree on Krishika’s delicious craving. In fact I’m ordering one right away.

Chocolate Pastries have to do it for me. The peace and tingles I get – cannot match the satisfaction on a late-night. Thanks Zomato.

Lastly Chocolate Tart and Ice Cream a luscious and decadent bite and scoop for Sakshi. Could definitely scoop out the horrors that would follow. But hey, life isn’t fair, and PMS def isn’t.