Who run the world? Yup, you know it! Speaking of running the world, Rolling Stone India has a strong history of narrating and amplifying the voices of influential women in all fields using their platform.
On 17th May 2023, the publication announced they will be honouring 25 women across the spectrum of music, cinema, OTT, content creation, entrepreneurship and fashion and marking a celebratory IP with a first-of-its-kind index of exceptional names. The honour will be the first of its kind celebrating and recognising women across all kinds of verticals.
Nirmika Singh, Executive Editor & Digital Director of Rolling Stone India says, “The ‘Women in Creativity’ honours are designed for, of and by women. They come at a time when India is experiencing a creative movement across music, entertainment and entrepreneurship with significant contributions from women. This is historic and we have to capture, chronicle and celebrate this moment.”

Committed to bringing equality across all verticals, the honourees have been carefully curated with women from all walks of life. So we’re here to reveal the list of 25 ‘Women in Creativity’ for the year 2023, In case, you were wondering who these powerful women are, here’s the list.

1. Asees Kaur (vocalist)

2. Harshdeep Kaur (singer)

3. Kausar Munir (lyricist)

4. Lisa Mishra (singer)

5. Raja Kumari (rapper)

6. Arati Kadav (director)

7. Guneet Monga (film producer)

8. Kartiki Gonsalves (filmmaker)

9. Sumukhi Suresh (comedian)

10. Falguni Peacock (fashion designer)

11. Masaba Gupta (fashion designer)

12. Malini Agarwal (entrepreneur)

13. Pooja Jauhari (entrepreneur)

14. Mehek Malhotra (entrepreneur)

15. Sujata and Tania Biswas (entrepreneurs)

16. Dolly Rateshwar (entrepreneur)

17. Leeza Mangaldas (entrepreneur)

18. Mithila Palkar (actor)

19. Prajakta Koli (digital creator)

20. Kamiya Jani (digital creator)

21. Sejal Kumar (digital creator)

22. Sushant Divgikar (digital creator)

23. Nagma Mirajkar (digital creator)

24. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju (digital creator)

25. Niharika NM (digital creator)

So there you go, that’s the lowdown on the 25 incredible women who are totally running the show in their own creative fields. From powerful singers to visionary filmmakers, hilarious comedians to go-getter entrepreneurs, and from fashion queens to digital content creators, these ladies are making waves and leaving their mark. Rolling Stone India’s ‘Women in Creativity’ honours give props where they’re due, capturing a historic moment of girl power and celebrating the diverse talents shaping our world. Let’s toast these amazing women who remind us that they’re taking charge and running the whole shebang!

Let’s not miss the cherry on the cake. The event has a brunch vibe and was hosted by none other than Hoegaarden! From floral decor to delicious drinks and lip-smacking bites, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The attention to detail at this event is impeccable #GaardenForAll.