Ever wondered what life would be without social media or creators? Can’t even imagine it, amirite?

Enter Pinkvilla & Mad Influence!

They’ve truly understood the importance of creators in our lives and basically want to celebrate them through their epic creator fest and awards called Creators United AKA CU! 

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So, if you’re living under a rock and don’t really know what to expect from this event, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know:

When and where?

The event takes place on the 15th and 16th of Jan, 2023 at Novotel, Goa

Categories You Really Don’t Wanna Miss:

There will be 15 main categories for the awards that include travel, food, dance, comedy, technology, gaming, tech, finance, health & fitness and many more.

You won’t believe who’s coming! The guestlist is on FIRE with creators like Bhuvan, Ashish Chanchlani, Zakir Khan are gonna be casually walking around in the same arena under one roof. 

Nominations of each category: 


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  1. Aadil khan
  2. Gima Ashi
  3. Nagma Mirajkar
  4. Zaid Darbar
  5. Awez Darbar
  6. Riva Arora


  1. Bhuvan Bam
  2. Ashish Chanchlani
  3. RJ Karishma
  4. Saloni Gaur
  5. Funcho
  6. Viraj Ghelnani
  7. Harsh Beniwal
  8. Round2Hell
  9. Karan Sonawane
  10. RJ Mahvash


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  1. Karron Dhingra
  2. Rajvee Gandhi
  3. Kritika Khurrana
  4. Roshni Walia
  5. Kinjal Bhanushali
  6. Nagma Mirajkar


1.Guneet Virdi
2.Ankush Bahuguna
3.Roshni Valia
4. Kritika Khurrana


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  1. Techno Ruhez
  2. Jay Kapoor
  3. Technical Guruji
  4. Tech Burner
  5. Trakin Tech


  1. Gamer Fleet
  2. Techno Gamerz
  3. Mortal
  4. Scoutop
  5. Payal Gaming
  6. Desi Gamers
  7. Animesh Agarwal
  8. Magsplay
  9. AS Gaming
  10. Lokesh Gamer


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  1. Karan Sehgal
  2. MSK
  3. Shehnaz Treasurywala
  4. Tanya Khanijow
  5. Larissa D’sa


  1. Parul Gupta
  2. Chahat Anand
  3. Shivesh Bhatia
  4. Sanjyot Keer
  5. Nisha Topwal

Standup Comedy

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  1. Akash Gupta
  2. Gaurav Kapoor
  3. Anubhav Bassi
  4. Rahul Dua
  5. Zakir Khan
  6. Gaurav Gupta
  7. Nishant Tanwar
  8. Harsh Gujral


  1. Gaurav Taneja
  2. Mumbiker Nikhil
  3. Sourav Joshi
  4. Karan Sehgal
  5. Karan Singh Magic
  6. Shanice Shrestha
  7. Gaurav Kapoor


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  1. Unfinance
  2. Pranjal Kamra
  3. Jay Kapoor
  4. FinCocktail
  5. Sushant Bindal
  6. Ankur Warikoo

Health & Fitness

  1. Sapna Vyas
  2. Gunjan Taneja
  3. Kavy
  4. Rubal Dhankar


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  1. Barkha Singh
  2. Jannat Zubair
  3. Ritu Taneja
  4. Ayush Mehra
  5. Tapesh Kumar
  6. Roshni Walia
  7. Ashi Khanna
  8. Roasting
  9. Thugesh
  10. Lakshay Chaudhary
  11. Triggered Insaan


  1. Ayaan Zubair
  2. SlayyPoint
  3. FING
  4. Riyaz Aly
  5. Rohit Zinjurke
  6. Avneet Kaur
  7. Awez Darbar
  8. Zaid Darbar

The ball is in your court: 

You know what the best part is right? The fate of these young and talented nominees is in your hands. YOU GET TO DECIDE WHO WINS!

Drunk with too much power? We feel ya. We’re super excited about this one. And guess what? 

We’re gonna be there! So, if you wanna know what’s up LIVE, we’re the ones you should follow for real-time live updates. 

With carefully crafted live experiences for the voices of the future, Creators United is a celebration of content in all of its forms.

CU at CU!