Wedding planning demands a lot of time and effort. For the happy couple, it’s all about the details, with wedding favours often slipping under the radar. Yet, these tiny tokens hold immense significance and are a mix of trend and tradition to express gratitude to loved ones. So, we’ve curated a list of wedding favour ideas that will make sure your wedding is unforgettable. 

1. Indian Potli with Drawstring

Potli bags are deeply rooted in Indian culture and symbolize good fortune. As wedding favours, they become a gracious nod to tradition, often filled with sweets or tokens, expressing appreciation for guests’ presence and participation in the celebration.

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2. Shawls for Winter Weddings

Shawls are elegant and can be cherished across generations. Choosing them as favours adds a touch of luxury, ensuring warmth and comfort for guests, especially fitting for outdoor or destination weddings. These shawls can be customized with initials or be a specific colour to match a theme. 

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3. Ethnic Sunglasses Case

Customize them to reflect your cultural heritage or wedding theme to add a personal touch. Sturdy and well-crafted cases serve as lasting mementos, ensuring each guest feels appreciated and cherished.

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4. Bangle Pillows

Bangle pillows are a unique token of appreciation. Decorative and practical. They can reflect the wedding’s theme or colour scheme. Customization with initials or a meaningful motif, along with a heartfelt note, makes them cherished reminders of the joyous occasion.

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5. Tea Gift Sets

Tea gift sets not only serve as delightful gifts but also infuse aroma and flavour into the celebration. Carefully selected tea leaves, blended with love, become reminders of beautiful memories shared during the wedding, letting guests savour gratitude with every sip.

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6. Edible Hampers

Edible hampers offer a delightful gesture, reflecting your tastes or local flavours. Personalized with tags featuring your name and wedding date, they provide a sweet and memorable token of gratitude.

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These thoughtful favours not only express gratitude but also create lasting moments for guests to cherish.