Whether you’re going on a vacation or just grinding away with extra work hours, big girl tote bags are becoming a must-have! They’re not just practical, but also super stylish. With more offices calling for in-person attendance, statement totes are making a comeback. We’ve rounded up awesome Indian brands that make these totes with mindfulness and love for local crafts and materials. These bags are big enough to carry your laptop, workout gear, and multiple bottles of water, but they’re far from the basic canvas bags we got used to earlier.

1. Tejal Keyur Textiles


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Tejal Keyur Textiles are changing the game with repurposed fashion. They create bags from scraps and donated polyester saris but with a refined touch. The designs feature woven tigers, abstract landscapes, and floral motifs, all meticulously crafted by skilled artisans.

2. Project 1000


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Project 1000 produces handmade totes and home decor from leftover hosiery fabric. Their products are woven using small-sized wooden looms and feature a soft and gender-neutral palette. Plus, they hire mostly women and use herbal dyes for their pieces.

3. Chamar


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Chamar is all about reclaiming the identity of the leather workers from the Chamar community. They use discarded rubber tires and eco-conscious materials to create colourful and polished pieces.

4. ScrapShala


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Local women artisans make a unique textile from newspaper using traditional handloom and charkha. The upcycled paper textile is then coloured and handstitched into this incredibly useful and fashionable tote bag.



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BEHNO, a brand designed in New York, offers sophisticated and minimal leather bags. They encourage buyers to invest in ‘forever pieces’ that never go out of style.

So, whether you’re off on vacation or just need an everyday bag, these homegrown brands have got you covered with their amazing tote bags!