Cracking the code on “smart casual” outfits can be as confusing as deciding what to watch on Netflix. It’s like, what even is it, right? So, this whole deal is all about mixing that laid-back vibe with a sprinkle of professionalism – you know, like business meets comfort, but not the snooze-worthy kind.

How to style a smart casual outfit?

You’ve probably got some work wear in your closet that’ll work wonders. Think blazers, dress pants, shirts with buttons, and skirts – the real stuff. But wait, it’s not just about wearing them like you’re heading for a PowerPoint presentation. Nope, it’s about jazzing them up or cooling them down. Toss a fancy blazer over jeans or have a fancy skirt do a tango with a casual tee. Trust us, it’s all about that hip contrast. And let’s not forget the magic of a leather shoulder bag or chunky loafers – they can make jeans look like they’re ready to hit the red carpet.

From Kendall Jenner to Jennifer Lopez, celebs are loving the smart casual vibe. Here are some wardrobe staples you need to nail the style.

Basic white tee

Hilary Duff has paired it up with a striped skirt and minimal jewellery. You can bling it up with silver necklaces and fun earrings.

Statement piece

Then, it’s all about that “one-star piece” – like Jennifer Lopez and her cool white pants. Throw in a silk shirt and a fun bag – add some aviators if you’re feeling extra cool.

Go neutral

Neutral shades are the real deal Michelle’s outfit is a comfy yet dressy dream – thanks to the well-tailored trousers and heels.

Amp it up

Got basics? Give ’em a power-up! Katie Holmes takes everyday jeans and a cardigan to a whole new level with snazzy details.

Cool blazer

Kendall Jenner’s blazer game is spot-on – shorts and an oversized shirt, and you’re good to go. Accessorise with a dad cap and leather loafers – they’re like the cherry on a sundae.

Long layers

Cold? Hailey Bieber’s got your back – throw on a killer trench coat with a basic tee and denim shorts. Instant outfit upgrade – because lazy styling hacks are pure gold.

Smart casual is all about mixing things up – think comfy meets boss vibes. Take a cue from these icons and style it like a pro.

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