We’ve tried keeping a track of all the new slangs that this generation comes up with. Right from LIT, to FOMO, YOLO and shorter forms of IYKYK or IDGAF – we’ve all evolved into better slangs. This time it’s Delulu and Solulu that find themselves at the spotlight of every other meme.

But what exactly do these words mean? 

While delulu clearly gives out delusional – most famously used in context to fandoms and imaginary scenarios that we make up in our mind, knowing most certainly it ain’t gonna happen. Our lives are filled with delulu moments or we are living in our own delulu fantasy backed by work and family. 

As a writer I have been delusional for the love aspect, okay. Either getting together with Dean Winchester and hunting demons, or being at an F1 track and experiencing it first hand (the delulu here is the money)

But sometimes being a delusional chick isn’t all so bad – as long as you create a boundary that helps you stay within it.


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Solulu is me as well. You know those ones with a more realistic and grounded approach to situations. Being supportive and yet not completely disruptive of their stars’ privacy. When it comes to a reality, keeping realistic expectations out of every opportunity, problem or chance is what they do. 

A balance between the two yields for a healthy mindset and life. And not just celebrity culture, but within life as well.

Maintaining the balance:

Look not all of us are K-Pop fans that may have been familiar with terms like this. But when we go to think of it, this has evolved just like any other slang today. More relatable for sure. Being delulu doesn’t have to be seen as a negative concept, but Gen-Z’s are more delusional or maybe more optimistic in their approach to life and yet realistic. Say career wise, or even relationships.


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It can help aim higher, making them work even better and smarter. Delulu and solulu are terms based on any other drama on Netflix, but how you use these terms or dictate it is what’s necessary. And for us delulu and solulu both work extremely well together.