Heading for a concert is not a new experience for us. We’ve recently attended so many, that we’ve mastered the talent of sporting interesting characters that attend too.

Here are a few types of people you’re likely to spot at a concert:

1. Came for the alcohol

There’s always that one person who doesn’t care about the concert but has come for the vibe and alcohol. He’s specifically here to have a peg or two.

2. Hasn’t heard a single track of the artist performing

30% of the crowd that’s come so passionately for the concert has probably not even heard most songs of the artist. Next time you go to such a concert, ask the audience to name at least 3 of the artist’s songs. You’ll see!

3. The fan

Then there’s the fan. The guy who listens to the artist day in and day out. He’s mouthing every single lyric and wants you to notice how much he knows every word.

4. The couple

The token couple who’s super cheesy and basically is here to share a moment of their favourite artist together. Awww for most, ewwww for few.

5. The buzzkill

Then there’s the guy who’s a constant complainer. The food wasn’t good enough, the alcohol wasn’t rich enough, the crowd wasn’t fancy enough and the artist barely performed. These are the constant phrases from this guy.

Witnessed any of these lately? We’re sure you have. Tell us, which one are you?