We’re not complaining at all that K-Beauty has taken over our life. K-Beauty has given the beauty industry everything it could want, from viral trends to luxury skincare ingredients. While we’re on the subject of Korean skincare ingredients, we know many that give us amazing benefits but there’s often one underappreciated ingredient that’s forgotten.

We’re talking about Mugwort. Harry Potter fans, this one might bring back memories of the time in Professor Sprout’s herbology class. The Harry Potter series featured a lot of magical concoctions that contained Mugwort. This herb, often known as artemisia deserves all the hype.

What is Mugwort?

In essence, Mugwort is a herb with therapeutic benefits. This plant, which is native to Asia and some regions of Europe, has long been ingrained in Korean culture and traditions. Mugwort is a common remedy in traditional Korean medicine and has made its way into the beauty world. It is loaded with antioxidants and has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities.

What Are Mugwort’s Benefits?


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Although this ingredient has plenty of advantages, its capacity to deeply soothe the skin is what makes it stand out. It does a fantastic job of soothing sensitive skin brought on by factors like pollution, UV damage, or even a damaged barrier! Mugwort offers the skin much-needed relief because it contains antioxidants and Vitamin E that deeply nourish the skin.

Who can use Mugwort?


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Mugwort is appropriate for all skin types, in contrast to other ingredients that only work with particular skin types. For sensitive skin, it performs amazingly. This ingredient is a game-changer for sensitive skin because the market is overrun with items designed specifically for oily, dry, or normal skin.