Every year, or every day some of us are always dealing with severe mental health issues that can go as far as depressive episodes, or worse can tend to self-harm. But what we fail to understand is, our mental health is in our hands and we can change the way we feel from within.

There are no two ways to look at it. It’s rather a one direction initiative that can lead to the happiest times of your life. Our tips are to start small and to start from home. 

Here’s how:

1. Confide:

Counselors or healers are among us – whether you want to take the long route to confide in a therapist or look for solace among your friends/family members. For me, my mother is my greatest listener, and adviser. This can vary for many. Confide in your best friend or an individual who is close to you. Suggestions and a small push in the right direction can just help you think a little clearer. 

2. Practice:

Practicing mental wellbeing on a daily basis can be as rewarding as mental peace of mind. A very strong practice that is being followed is yoga. Celebrities, business leaders and more have their own way of dealing with their days. Inculcating small practices such as anger management, avoiding burn outs by taking breaks, and staying a good deal away from social media can help immensely. 

3. Relax:

As humans, we focus on things we cannot change. The idea is to let go and relax, and rather focus on things that you can in fact do something about. Distractions can only work so much, but engaging in physical activities, music, spending quality time with your family help you destress and keep your mental worries neutral. 

4. Change:

If your mental wellbeing is shit, then maybe something you’re doing in your routine isn’t quite accepting. You need to change. It could be the late nights, getting caught up in drama, not enough movement, sunlight, and not enough or bad choice of foods. These changes counter for larger fruits. Your routine is the foundation of your mental health. Change that, you will eventually find peace and health.

This World Mental Health Day, taking small steps toward effective change is the only way forward. Participating in activities, keeping your health in check by talking to a trusted one and taking care throughout your day can really help elevate your mood and wellness by a notch.