The body is a wonderland that works perfectly in sync with nutritious food. Potassium, calcium, protein, fats and carbohydrates are needed in just the right amount for a beautiful posture, glow and youth.

The effects of a healthy lifestyle that should mainly include your 80, which is your diet, shows after a certain age. The stress of work definitely gets to us, and we miss consuming our nutrients, that aid and prosper growth and strength.

This National Nutrition week, we’ve whipped up ways for you to make your day all inclusive of nourishment with these meals:

1. Meat Based Dinners:

Choose from chicken, turkeys, salmon, mutton, beef or sea-food with your green leafy vegetables and you’re good to go. However you prefer to make it, a bowl or plate or right out of your chargrilled equipment. The idea is to have a source of protein at night. I come from a family that are purely meat-eaters, and that’s why we look forward to our dinners the most.

2. Lunch Surrounding Vegetables:

My mom likes to think there should be a balance. And that’s why our lunches revolve around vegetables. Whole grains, sweet potatoes, legumes, grains, kidney beans, lentils and more, make for a fulfilling lunch. Throw in a glass of buttermilk for a dairy rush which helps digestion and acidity too. 

3. A Protein Rich Breakfast:

I love my eggs, so I am consuming my part of the protein intake in the morning itself. But avocados, tomatoes and eggs on toast make for a beautiful serving. Oats are also a healthy alternative to a good breakfast. Fruit juices or fruit slices themselves such as oranges, pineapples and beetroot give you sources of Vitamin C and also aids in blood circulation. 

4. A Nutted Snacking Devour:

Almonds, pistachios, walnuts and more have a strong nutrient percentage in them. Mix them up with vanilla ice cream (at least that is what I do). Or always keep a bowl of these nuts next to you when you’re working. 

5. Desserts In The Form Of Berries and Cacao:

Heard of Greek yogurt with berries? Or a dark chocolate indulgence right before you head to bed. Berries are rich in antioxidants, and are the reason why most celebrities look the way they do today, it’s because they have their nutrition in place. 

These are incredibly easy to make solutions and are delicious as well, instead of options for unhealthy decisions. Remove a day you can indulge in your favorite burgers or pizzas as long as you can get back on track.