Hello millennials! Remember the time we were 15 and sang some really fun rap songs because we loved the beats but the words were just a small part of it for us. We didn’t really know the meaning but we sang them anyway, because we were so “KEWL”. Here are some songs you rapped as a teenager that you didn’t realise were supremely profane.

1. Taking it off – Akon

The song we thought was so fun ‘cause the lyrics were quick and funky. But did you realise a part of that song is…

“My binoculars on
Alone staring out of my window
I see the best creation of woman that I ever saw in a long long time
Some say it is wrong, but what if she knows that I’m spying on her
Once she strip down naked and entertain me
Oh my gosh she’s doin’ it
Takin’ it off”

2. Hotel Room Service – Pitbull

One of my faves as a teenager. You already know the lyrics to this so sing with me…

“Forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel room
You can bring your girlfriends and meet me at the hotel room”

3. Sexy Bitch – David Guetta

I love how he says “I’m tryna find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful” and immediately finishes the sentence by calling her a… SEXY B*TCH!

4. Wasn’t me – Shaggy

This one was a big one. I’m gonna let you google the lyrics of this one since the entire song is profane MAX.

5. Without me – Eminem

This one’s all about the asterisks and dollar signs. You won’t believe what you’ve been singing, I promise.

“So, come on and dip, bum on your lips
F*ck that, c!m on your lips and some on your t!ts
And get ready, ’cause this is about to get heavy
I just settled all my lawsuits, f#ck you, Debbie!”

If you remember more songs like these, please hit me up in the comments below!