For us millennials, OTT didn’t exist in our childhood. So we would rely on TV channels like MTV and Channel V for music and star world, nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and more for our entertainment post-school. We enjoyed cartoons like Dexter, Scooby-Doo, and Jetsons while we also enjoyed some TV shows that we just couldn’t miss a single episode of. I remember coming home from school, not even changing into my PJs and straight turning the TV on so I don’t miss any episode of my favourite shows. Mom would ALWAYS yell at me for doing that, but I really couldn’t help myself. Eventually, mom would give up, and get me a snack while I’d lean back in my dirty school uniform, to binge-watch the entire 4 pm-7 pm set of shows.

If you’re a millennial, you may have watched and enjoyed these shows like I did. Here they are:

1. Legends of the hidden temple

A temple run, where contestants would have to go through hurdles to reach the end so they could lift the curse of the temple. This show was so enchanting, it made us kids want to pack up for an adventure every time we watched it on Nickelodeon.

2. Sabrina the teenage witch 

This show was every teenager’s fantasy. We too, wanted to be secretly born in a cute watch household so we could perform magic to get on with our lives. But the reality was far from it. The only magic we could perform is sometimes getting permission from our parents to sleep over at our bff’s house. Rare… But it would happen sometimes.

3. Full house 


I don’t know about you guys, but my first-ever crush started in this show. Ever heard of a living Greek God, John Stamos? Uffff, I can still hear him sing “Forever” by the beach boys and no song will ever come close to this, amirite? Apart from that, it was also a really wholesome show about family values, relatable characters, and a light-hearted story of the Tanners that we all enjoyed watching regularly.

4. All that

This show was like SNL but for kids. It was fresh, funny, and current and had a supremely talented cast including Kenan and Kel, Amanda Bynes, Nick Canon, Josh Server, and many more. It was the perfect stress buster after a hectic day at school.

5. Sesame Street 

Ah, a total classic. I don’t know many people who’ve grown up without watching Sesame Street. Iconic characters like Elmo, Oscar, Big Bird, and more have shaped our childhood, to say the least. It was informative and fun to watch at the same time. No wonder mom always let me watch it even though she hated screen time for me.

For us, they weren’t just shows. They were a part of our lives for a very long time. Almost till we grew into the personalities that we are today. I’d love to know your favourite to show growing up. Tell me in the comments if I’ve missed an epic show.