I get another sort of thrill when it comes to downloading fitness apps. Apart from the aesthetic they follow with weekly, daily and easy to do workouts with variations to core, shred, tone and build – it’s the meal plans and various experimentation with food that makes it really fun to follow. 

Of course I’m talking from experience since I have all of these apps on my phone right now. And so should you and I’ll tell you why. 

They are subscription based, which means you’re paying nearly nothing compared to those overcharged gym memberships to stay on this journey. It’s a community that helps build each other up, with updates on their fitness journey that gives you the boost to workout smart and harder.

Here are my favorite 3:

1. Naked by Brooke Ence:

Not many might know her, but Brooke specializes in crossfit training. With over 1.5 Million followers on Instagram, she has launched Naked that includes multiple training styles such as At Home, Functional, Commercial, and Peaches which is a lower body targeted program. From personalized meal plans to keeping up with your contenders. Fitness has never been more fun.


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2. Pam by Pamela Reif:

Pamela Reif’s workouts hit different, if you’re anything like me. But her application tends to spread a positive aura, encouraging a rookie to an experienced gym geek to follow through. Her recipes and 10-15-30 minute workouts are surely versatile enough to fit into your day. Her blog section makes it easier for one to read and make the necessary changes in their lifestyle and more. It’s everything you need in an app and more.


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3. Lean by Lilly Sabri:

Shred, Sculpt, Strength – those 3 S’s are enough for you to subscribe to Lilly Sabri’s Lean program. Her fun guides include the Feel Good Fit Factory, Greens and Glow Guide, Feel Good Summer and more. Her classes include Shred, Pilates, Strength, Warmups, Cool down, Finishers and Activations which make it extremely accessible for the avid individual to follow through. Her recipes are super easy to follow with recipes added that are delicious and high on protein. Her app has an inbuilt journal as well – talk about mental and physical wellness. 


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Choose from any of these, each one has something unique to offer. While Brooke aims for the already established fitness freak, Pamela and Lilly take the level up approach that appeals to any fitness level. Download these apps and let us know what you think.