The “glazed donut” manicure and the “cold girl” trend are two examples of the many trends that have emerged in the last year that combine sweetness and icy elements. It only makes sense that social media has managed to find a way to tie it all together to create the “vanilla girl” look, which features vanilla ice cream-inspired clothes like toasty knitwear in off-white colours. Fashion and beauty have always drawn inspiration from both the colder weather and sweets.



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We imagine a vanilla girl waking up in white-fluffy pyjamas, then strolling to the kitchen to make lemon water and an iced latte to start her day. When she is going to school or job, she dresses in soft cashmere, knit sweaters, crisp button-ups, and light pants for a more polished appearance. But when she’s at home or taking advantage of her free time, she only wears comfy outfits that are covered in lace, plush leggings, knit tights, and tank tops. The majority of these apparel items are white, cream, or beige, as the trend’s name would imply.



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The “clean girl” and coquette trends, this time, are essentially a mash-up of two larger aesthetics, much like the “pink pilates princess” trend. It draws inspiration from the feminine, cutesy side of coquette looks and absorbs the clean, effortless feeling and emphasis on an orderly lifestyle from the clean girl aesthetic. And it makes sense that it’s becoming popular now because the trend has a cosy component that makes it ideal for the chilly winter months.



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We want to emphasise that you are a person, not an aesthetic. So, by all means, go for it if looking like a vanilla girl today and then trying on a cyber girl tomorrow seems appealing to you. But if you can’t be completely vanilla all the time, don’t feel like a failure.