You know how fast fashion used to be all the rage? Well, turns out people are finally waking up to its not-so-cool side effects. But guess what? Sustainability is strutting onto the scene with awesome clothing brands leading the charge against the fast fashion mess. It’s like fashion with a side of saving the planet and we’ve rounded up the coolest sustainable fashion brands in India that you absolutely have to know about:

1. B Label 

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An agro-based brand that’s all about living the sustainable dream. They’re rethinking Indian agriculture with a focus on hemp. B Label is rocking minimalist, everyday wear made from hemp fibres which are carbon-negative, UV-ray-repelling, and super durable.

2. Ewoke Studio

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They’re the cool kids on the sustainable block. Ewoke Studio is all about that empowerment vibe with stylish silhouettes that fit like a dream. Bright colours to fun patterns there are so many gorgeous options to choose from.

3. Aastey

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Aastey is all about body positivity and saving the environment. They teamed up with Climes, a climate-tech crew, to be carbon-neutral. And they’re slinging size-inclusive athleisure wear that’s good for you and Mother Earth. 

4. Mixmitti

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Mixmitti’s all about utility accessories, notebooks and backpacks. Plus, part of their profits go to saving habitats and wildlife. So, you can snag some awesome gear and help out animals too.

5. Doodlage

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Innovation and sustainability go together like peanut butter and jelly at Doodlage. Their clothes? Think quirky jackets and delicate shrugs, all made with a lot of love and a little bit of waste. They’re turning leftover fabric into the coolest fashion pieces.

6. Mio Borsa

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Bags, bags, and more bags – but these aren’t just any bags. Mio Borsa is changing the game with their vegan leather goodies made from pineapple stem extract. They’re fashionable, functional, and completely guilt-free, saving animals and looking super stylish in the process.

7. Chakori Ethnic

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Chakori Ethnic is all about bringing traditional craft and design into the modern world. Think handwoven kurtas, sarees, and more, inspired by the beauty of India. It’s like culture meets runway, and it’s amazing.

These are the top sustainable fashion brands in India that are changing the game and making the world a better-dressed, greener place. It’s time to say goodbye to fast fashion and hello to outfits that rock both style and the environment.