All that we seem to talk about is the importance of Pilates – the whole of B-town tends to do just that. The benefits of this type of workout, particularly strength training is great because it does not include heavy weights, but promises you of a toned and flexible body.

The advantages of personal trainers or studios that cater to this form of exercise charge just as much as the over hype of the name. But when it comes to the ladies specifically, they tend to fray away from lifting. Weights, big or small have the potential to build (and not bulk) you – all in the right form.

Trust me when I say this, I follow my share of ladies who have absolutely killed it in the gym, with their workouts and toned and muscular bodies. The gym is a complex area with tons of activities to your disposal – while the right gym does give you the boost to lift, it’s rather your motivation to get out of the basic cardio and Pilates workouts, and go stronger.

But, starting out in the weights section can be quite daunting. Let’s not forget the mansplaining that follows. With multiple exercises that target specific muscle groups it can get intimidating in the beginning. Once you get the flow of lifting and building, no one can stop you, after all the results can be quite rewarding. 

1. Elevates Your Physique

Toning of the body mainly means building muscle to the point it ends up giving definition. Abs, legs and the arms make for the majority of your body. Weight training builds muscle and strength in those regions, with progressive overload making you capable of lifting heavier and adding leaner muscle all in the right places. 

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2. Boost Of Dopamine and Endorphins:

It’s not just the soreness you take home after a sweaty workout, but the burst of endorphins that take over your mind. It’s proven that strength training can make you feel happier and content not just with yourself but also with the way you look. 

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3. Adds Strength and Density To The Bones:

This is almost a no-brainer. Constant lifting expands your bone density and gives you the ‘thickness’ in the right places. Take the leg bones, shoulders and spine for instance. Overall it helps prevent age-defined issues such as Osteoporosis and more.

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4. Confidence To Bare It All Out:

Think of it like this, adding weights to your nominal workouts such as abs or even Pilates can add more definition. Body weight exercises can only give you so much, but weights and domination in that section in the gym will definitely help you dominate your workplace and the nightclub too. 

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Lifting weights isn’t all about building and toning up your body, but it adds a sense of discipline as well. It is an all-rounder deal when you commit to other forms of exercise and move away from just the basic.