The best gift you can give someone is the ability to travel the world

BruisedPassports: A name that has now evolved into a book, Savi and Vid have successfully traveled to 107 countries together, which makes this their ultimate weapon. But a name like that would definitely open up various ideas and for me, well stories to cover.

A certain video of theirs speaks about creating your own travel bucket list. With the choices of over 195 countries to choose from, it is very easy to make your specific list in no time. But for those who are confused as to where to begin from, or a list that’ll make it convenient for you to cross-out, this is for you.

1. It Should Fit Your Personality and Choices:

We’re all hardwired differently, which means our travel bucket will look different than the rest. For example, if you’re all about the beauty and aesthetic, places like Paris for the Eiffel tower and quiet stroll in the night, Niagara falls and more will fit your list. If you’re the adventurous kind, the Grand Canyon, Machu Picchu and Underwater Shark Dive will interest you. 

2. Discover Your Travel Style:

When you travel a lot, you tend to develop your travel persona. This personality helps you decide on your stay, travel guide and preferred destinations/events/festivals. You could travel to Japan for their Cherry Blossom, or Spain for The La Tomatina Festival, The Oktoberfest in Munich, or even Cannes, or could go to an upbeat but undiscovered location. 

3. Take Inspirations:

 Youtube, Pinterest and Blogs help a lot in exploring places and narrowing down on options. Mood boards and taking guidance from people lets you know if that place is really worth it. You can narrow down your ideas and make it as specific as ‘catch the aurora borealis’ or ‘follow along the northern lights’ or even ‘spend a night in the igloo’.

4. Team Up With Like-Minded Individuals:

A couple like Savi and Vid are enough to travel by themselves because of their shared interest in what the partner does. Just like that, a group of strangers or your best friends would help you follow out your mood board to the tea.

5. Talk Finances:

Money is undoubtedly the glue that will connect all the dots. A strong financial backing will allow you to go all in on your adventures, while a budgeted trip may pull out a few stops, either through stays or the total trip cost. Choose destinations that align your pocket, little by little until you’re in a position to spend as you like.

6. Map It Out:

It’s time to finally put down to paper what places you’ve decided on and how you want to go about it. While a travel bucket list is meant to be with you for life, additions and subtractions are bound to happen. 

Hop on and design your very own travel bucket list, and don’t forget to tag @clapclapindia when you do!