Branding and creators have one thing in common, they’ll do anything to attract customers and viewers that will enhance their careers/image among the population today. When it comes to collaborations and ads on the screen, creativity today is what matters. 

Social media is a weapon, and anyone who knows how to pull its trigger will land a successful pitch. Our creators have noticed the bridge and are getting extremely creative when it comes to advertisements – which not only elevates their brand but the brand they’re promoting as well.

Our favorite 5 are below:

1. Sufiyan Junaid:

His quirky and extremely funny personality when combined with collaborations, you know you’re only going to get the most appealing and dance-worthy ad. Sufiyan Junaid may be a new name to the game of content creators, but he has never failed in creating captivating content. Just like this Boat advertisement that is so beautifully thought of and fits the message perfectly. 

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2. Taneesha Mirwani:

When you sell an idea, you sell a product. And with Taneesha and her latest collaboration with Boat Smartwatch. The way to involve her father in her creative projects that perfectly explain the features and uses of the smartwatch. It’s one very well-executed ad and we’re here for the father-daughter duo.

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3. Chandni Bhabhda:

Her naturally humorous and quirky personality can easily find multiple personalities to promote a product. And this one matches the product. When her MUA live and L’oreal Paris Glycolic Serum match perfectly, creating a scene that isn’t only compelling but hooks you on the effects of the product. Simply great.

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4. Aatman Desai:

Aatman and his love for the big mouth filter on Snapchat has all of us in giggles 24*7. But his recent collaboration with Boat watches has literally killed it. You’ve got to watch it for yourself (pun very well intended).

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 5. Sajjad Khan:

When it comes to being a BOSS, he’s done it quite well. Just like his collaboration with Boss Burgers. Depicting feelings, strong moves and boss decisions, all of it leading to biting into that BURGERRRRRR. It was one hell of a power collab and we love it.

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When it comes to creativity and creating appeal around a certain product, it’s not just their expertise that comes into play but the freedom that they have. Enabling them to wing their hand and ultimately succeed. 

Which of these were your favorite collaborations? Let us know below.