After multiple interviews and reels, I might just have all the deets in the life of a casting director, or the life they tend to live on the set.

Panchami Ghavri is a renowned casting director and an entrepreneur. At the age of 18, when she got the role of Assistant Director for Wake Up Sidd and then later followed her way through casting. When it comes to the casting couch she knows exactly what she needs and is looking for, for that exact role. But the job of casting directors is way tougher than what it looks like from behind the screen.

She says, “every person that’s in a scene is selected by us”. The intricacies of this goes way beyond. For Bollywood buffs who want to enter the acting field, she has simple notes for you:

1. Work Ethic:

It’s extremely common to follow a proper work ethic in all aspects in any field. But when it comes to acting you have to be a little more prepared. She suggests looking a certain way and to learn your lines properly. Learn your co-actors lines as well, it creates a great impression and always stick to the brief given.

2. Give a lot of auditions:

The only way you can excel in becoming a great actor and cutting through the tension is by giving many auditions. In that way you understand yourself and your abilities better and can deliver accordingly.

3. Don’t be too looped in for how you look:

Take care of how you look before leaving the house. When you’re on set for an audition, nothing matters but your skill to deliver said character and the way you do so around countless auditions. Casting directors don’t value anything more than the commitment you’re willing to show to your work and the character you’re going to represent.

4. Stick to your character:

For a rookie it’s very easy to reveal your actual personality during an audition. One of the main pointers Panchami suggests is to stick to the character given, no matter what. Certain nerves tend to show such as tapping of the foot or fidgeting in general. Calm your habits if you want to ace your audition and land the role you desire.

5. People skills.

Every actor to be, needs to have people skills. It’s a given. The way you communicate with others and create a rapport, even during scenes and off-screen. It is what will take you to great heights in your career.


The entrees for those who want to tap into Bollywood and gain fame are multiple, but those who really want to honor their love for acting and get better at their skill are very few. Make that your strength, and you’ll pass every audition with flying colors.