Our bags are filled, and destination marked – the airport is where stories begin. 

The creativity that goes in perfecting your handbag that makes it to either your aisle seats or window is extremely important. For some, that’s their survival. It’s natural that our team loves traveling and our bags include some unique finds. 

Take it as what’s in our bag, but with a touch of humor and creativity. With each virtual bag explaining our personalities perfectly. Because what you carry is a correct representation of you as a person. 

With the festivities and the holidays approaching, we’re getting creative. Here’s how:

What’s In Karishma’s Bag?

Our CEO does love to go all extra when she’s traveling, because her first answer to what was in her bag was her protein powder, followed by sunscreen, lip balm and headphones. Can’t argue with a gal who has her priorities and skin-care in check.

What’s In Sakshi’s Bag?

She’s a fashionista or someone who loves makeup, and rightly so, our Social Media Manager doesn’t leave her house with minimal 3 lipsticks, chocolates/mint/gum, mini perfumes, a pen (for ideas?) and earphones. That does tell us a lot about her, don’t you think?

What’s In Krishika’s Bag?

She’s someone with an oily skin type, I know because I’ve been with her for a lot of events recently, hello Nykaaland. So it’s no surprise that a blotting paper will be on the list. Oh and kitty and doggie treats (cue in puppy dog and heart eyes), perfumes and sunscreen. 

What’s In Zahraa’s Bag?

You know how these airports tend to get extremely cold, yeah. So there’s no doubt I’m carrying a hoodie on me, with hand creams, lip tints and nuts for constant snacking. The waiting, along with immigration and long hauls definitely needs your best products/snacks to keep you company.

The girl power and uniqueness that each of our bags carry, and with more additions to every travel destination altering the items in the bag, one thing remains constant, and that is our love for adventure and the goodies we take to travel with, that makes the journey easier.