When you’re bound by love, and not blood, even Cancer doesn’t stand a chance.

Every child deserves to live the life they want. And with Access Life’s initiative to provide resources to every life that’s grown up dealing with every type of childhood cancer with their campaign #DishoomToCancer. 

Types of Pediatric Cancer can include Leukemia, Lymphoma, Brain or Central Nervous System Cancers, Thyroid, Bone cells cancers and more. These can start off with infections, which under no or minimal intervention can lead to forms of cancers.

Environment, access to healthy lifestyle, and equipment can treat and reverse Cancers, and can promote a healthy growing body.

What do they do?

With the Access Life Assistance Foundation every child and their care-taker has a permanent residence, inclusive of enhanced quality of life such as educational and recreational programs. This foundation aims to be an overall caretaker for these families. Right from transportation to the hospital, to nutrition checks, and counseling.

While 70-90% of these cancers are curable, with proper treatment and access to amenities. This campaign aims to be a Cancer awareness spreading organization. September, a month for Cancer Awareness, is not only a way to bring people and Cancer fighters together, but it’s one way to support and aid recovery.

Access Life strives to be a voice for the kids, who are battling this disease in order to fight back. And with today’s statistics, children are increasingly getting diagnosed with Cancer. 

We at ClapClap India are here to support and raise awareness for Childhood Cancer through Access Life. If you wish to participate in any way for this cause, upload a video with a dishoom and a message. Or you can donate to accesslife.org and help better the lives of many children.