Now, let me just clarify. My sister and I get on each other’s nerves, more than 10 hours a day. But there are SOME moments when I just can’t resist giving her a big jhappi and a big sloppy kiss on her cheeks. I don’t know about others, but more than sibling rivalry, we’re all about cheering each other on. We are each other’s mirrors, and I am so thankful for that.

Before I melt into mush, let me quickly tell you why you should go give your sibling a bigggg hug and thank them to existing.

Here we go…

1. They’ll tell it like it is

While parents will put you on a pedestal, and friends will sugar coat is, siblings will never shy away from telling you the truth and bursting your bubble with the harsh reality of life. Appreciate that, ‘cause it’s pretty darn rare.

2. They’ll secretly put you before them

You might not know this, but your sibling always thinks of you first. Whether it’s shopping, your favourite dessert, or anything situation where they need to pick between you and them, they’ll choose you every single time. You are a priority, but they’ll never tell you that to your face. Obviously, classic sibling behaviour.

3. They’ve always got your back

You’re always the one getting in trouble, but you don’t really have to worry about it, ‘cause they’ve always got you. They’ll cover up in front of parents, and they’ll take your side in front of bae. But you don’t have to doubt their loyalty. It’ll always be you.

4. They’ll share, even if they hate to

We’ve been taught the hard way, that we need to share our favourite things with our siblings. While that’s been rooted deep into our souls, it’s also something we don’t mind. SOMETIMES. But the joy of being a sibling, is to take advantage of all that sharing, amirite?

5. They’ll always have a solution

They know you so damn well, that they know exactly what’s good for you, what you prefer, and of course, solve your problems for you when they arise. They truly get you better than you can yourself.

Did I turn you into mush too? Aww! So, it’s true, isn’t it? They’re the other side of that coin. Same same, but different!

So, what are you doing reading further? Stop everything and go give your sibling a tight hug!