Being a food connoisseur isn’t an easy thing. It requires the mastering of ingredients and assembly, apart from the hours of blood, sweat and tears chefs/bakers tend to put into presenting a wonderland of flavors and stories through each bite or sip.

This art needs someone to capture the exact emotion and flavor that dish holds, and who better to do it than creators who have aced this field with this exceptional lighting and camera settings gods.

We’re here to break our favorite 7 down for you:

1. Shivesh Bhatia:

The baking world, and enthusiasts are no strangers when it comes to the dominance of Shivesh Bhatia. I have an entire story on how he curates desserts from scratch and our favorites from the lot. Every picture of his creation makes our mouths drool and wonder of multiple flavorful opportunities.

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2. Pragya Saini:

If there’s someone who can review food and make interesting content around it, it has to be Pragya. Her feed is filled with mouthwatering dishes, and the very specific one that caught our eye is here. While food photography doesn’t only restrict to still pictures, videos that capture the essence are also highly captivating.

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3. Archit Agarwal:

Right from Gambas al Pil Pil, to Galette – his skills for food creativity can be visible. But what’s more visible is his vision to capture the same story, colors, and garnish. But what’s his M.O is he likes to capture his dishes in zoomed in, which clearly elevates the taste buds and emotions.

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4. Alok Verma:

If aesthetic had a word in the form of Instagram feed, it would be his. From color gradients to implementing the perfect layout for each of his products cum dishes is what makes every shot so beautiful and let’s not forget, the epitome of food photography. 

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5. Madhuri Agarwal:

This founder of @madaboutkitchen has proven herself to literally be mad about, not the kitchen but creation. Turning everyday dishes into exceptional pictures is what Madhuri Agarwal has mastered. Every picture holds an ingredient, and this form of food styling doesn’t only depict our culture but the aroma and flavor it brings to the screen.

6. Shumaila Chauhan:

To capture the essence of a dish, the surrounding should never be empty. An avid food stylist or photographer, may have the requirements of a certain backdrop or studio, but eventually it’s the personality of the food that speaks. And Shumailas feed is a testimonial of that. 

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7. Nitin Tandon:

Be it a cold brew or a beerful portrait – Nitin Tandon’s escapades range vastly over than just food styling. From festivities, to crockery collaborations, and advertisements that depict his fine love for food photography and styling. We’re in awe of his Instagram feed, and for all the right reasons.

We love our fondness for food come to life through excellent food stylists/bloggers and entrepreneurs, making us only curious to what the realm of finer tastes and ingredients would carry.