There have been several successful young entrepreneurs in each generation, and now it is Gen Z’s turn. Recently Dhruv Modwil, a 20-year-old talent manager, just announced the opening of his Nocturnal Media talent management company.


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Social media and content creation have been a huge part of the industry for the past few years. In order to help creators expand beyond themselves, Nocturnal Media wants to develop an enablement platform for them. Instead of being restricted to brand partnerships, they think that creators should fully realise their potential by developing original intellectual properties, starting their own direct-to-consumer businesses, or doing anything else they do best.

The firm started functioning in January 2022 and already collaborates with more than 100 influencers. When Dhruv first learned about the creator economy in 2020, he immediately recognised its potential. He began working with creators one-on-one before starting his own firm in 2022. Speaking about the same, Dhruv adds, “More than just managing influencers, we see ourselves as a talent incubator. We want them to outgrow themselves and build a brand around their name, so I founded my own agency with the sole purpose of assisting creators”. We are so pumped about the venture and to see it grow in leaps and bounds.