To be honest, I’ve come across thousands of creators in the past few years and being one myself, I know the struggles we go through to ideate for creative content on a daily basis. Breaking through that clutter and consistently feeling the pressure of entertaining is similar to posting in patchy Wi-Fi—annoying, frustrating and incredibly time-consuming.  And while most argue that it’s the “easiest job in the world”, we creators can safely say, it could be quite the contrary. Some creators just make it look easy and effortless. 

Speaking of creative content, today, let me take you through some creators who take innovation to a whole new level by spotlighting India in one way or another. They might not necessarily live here or even be of Indian origin, but in my opinion, are highlighting Indian culture in all its glory. Here they are:

Ricky Pond

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This ‘Dancing Dad’ is nailing Govinda moves and bhangra better my dad, tbh. He’s got thumkas that peeche peeche saari nagariya follows! Not just him, his kids have joined the fun too. Go follow him if you’re not already if what you’re looking for is some sangeet dance references or Bollywood dance moves inspo. 

Diipa Khosla

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This desi girl has taken the globe by storm. She’s not only a lifestyle influencer but also an entrepreneur, activist and model. She’s as real as real gets and that’s so refreshing to see on social media these days. She’s truly a force to reckon with, especially after she launched her beauty brand Indē Wild which focuses on Ayurvedistry (a combination of Ayurveda and chemistry). And if you still haven’t checked our interview with her, go check it out now! 

Niharika NM

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The super relatable and sassy Niharika NM has taken to her Instagram to funnily call out the troublemakers of all our lives. Whether it’s a friend who changes music in the car too often, her future husband who snores a lot, or even a friend who shames anyone who hates cockroaches, she’s addressed all our problematic relationships ever. Every time you’ll watch her content, you’ll always end up saying “aye, this is so me!”, and that’s truly commendable. She’s making all our filmy dreams come true as she collaborates with all the talented Bollywood celebrities for her epic reels. You go, girl!

Sean Tenedine

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This kid from Hartford can put your inner Dhanush to shame with his flawless naach. From famous dialogues to busting out some serious bhangra, you can tell this guy is ‘Loki’ desi (if you don’t get my wordplay. It’s basically because he looks so much like Tom Hiddleston). Go check him out now if you haven’t already. 

Kili Paul 


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You must be living under an algorithm-driven rock if you don’t know who Kili Paul is. He will destroy you in a lip sync battle when it comes to Bollywood songs any day of the year with zero effort. He and his sister Neema Paul are naturals and there’s no question about how talented these two are. Take any of his lip sync reels and try to top that talent, I’ll wait. 

While there are soooo many more such talented creators who are keeping up the filmy quotient around the globe, I’ve shared my top 5 that consistently blow my mind. 

Who is your favourite? Tell me in the comments below 🙂