Trends, especially in fashion are usually influenced by the communities. One such community, skaters had a large impact on mainstream culture in the early 2000s, which helped popularise streetwear. Since then, the popularity of streetwear has grown steadily. “Streetwear is at the intersection of fashion, music, art, and sports. Different communities influence streetwear like skateboarding, surfing, hip hop, and music,” says Bhavisha Dave, co-founder of Capsul.

What was once a trend among teenagers and skaters has evolved into a go-to attire. Everyone can be seen wearing casual streetwear, from musicians to models. Despite some ups and downs in popularity, it remains a highly feasible wardrobe choice for everyone today. So how did streetwear invade the realm of high fashion? We explore its past, present, and future.

Where it started

Although the majority of the well-known streetwear companies you see now got their push in the 1980s, it wasn’t until recently that they truly began to take off. It was believed that building a fashion brand on a specific personality or activity was a clever way to access an entirely new market. Brands have opened the road for designers to reinvent streetwear in their own unique ways. By incorporating luxury fabrics to make streetwear, they are fusing high fashion with streetwear to create a more upscale offering. “Exciting brands that have their unique perspectives have begun springing up in India like Almost Gods, Space Biskit, which is an art project as much as a well-tailored fashion brand, Polite Society”, adds Bhavisha.

Major influences

Celebrities are currently eschewing their usual glamorous attire in favour of upscale streetwear. In fact, it’s possible that streetwear wouldn’t be as popular as it is now if celebrities hadn’t been a part of it. People’s perceptions of fashion are greatly influenced by what they see on social media, and models and influencers frequently set the standard for what is ‘on-trend’. When celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are spotted wearing expensive streetwear, you know it’s cool. “Today, streetwear seems to be about wearing, what the others are wearing,” says Bhavisha. Because of this, many streetwear companies like working together with other designers and celebrities to increase their visibility and spread their designs among a wider audience.

Future of streetwear

Designer streetwear doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon, despite the fact that the fashion industry is always changing due to new trends and styles every season. The streetwear boom is still going strong thanks to smart marketing strategies and high-quality clothing. It remains to be seen if streetwear has a backup plan or if it will relapse and lose its relevance. It’s currently at the top and not going anywhere, anytime soon.