Honey isn’t just a sweet addition to my tea; it’s my skincare savior, with a rich history dating back to 2000 BC. Whether I’m dealing with acne or aiming for a more even skin tone, honey is my go-to solution. It’s nature’s skincare elixir and it’s been a part of my routine for quite some time now.

Honey for Your Skin

Honey’s natural enzymes and moisture-locking powers keep your skin hydrated and glowing. Its antibacterial quality fights off acne, while antioxidants keep signs of aging at bay. Plus, it has anti-inflammatory properties which help to calm down redness and give you flawless skin.

Types and Treats

Did you know there are different types of honey, each with its own special property? Manuka honey is good for treating acne, while lavender honey is all about calming sensitive skin. Orange blossom honey is perfect for tackling dark spots. 

More Than Just Honey

Sure, Honey is the main character, but let’s not overlook propolis and royal jelly. Propolis fights inflammation, while royal jelly gives your skin that extra oomph by boosting collagen and keeping it supple.

How to Include It in Your Skincare Routine

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Look out for honey-infused skincare products that match your skin type. There’s an array of options to choose from, moisturisers, masks, oils, etc. If you wanna try ‘Nani ke nuske’ mix it up with yogurt, oatmeal, or clay for a DIY mask. But remember – every skin is different, so patch test first and consult a derm if you’ve got any concerns.

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