TikTok has done it again! There’s a fresh beauty trend in town, and this time, it’s all about the lips. Forget coffee-inspired ‘Latte Makeup’; we’re talking ‘Cherry Cola Lips’. Inspired by Lana Del Rey’s sultry Americana vibes and the nostalgic charm of cherry cola, this trend blends rich browns and intense berry shades for a glossy, pouty look. Let’s break it down and see how you can rock this.

A Nod to Americana

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Remember how Lana Del Rey’s tunes like ‘Cola,’ ‘Bartender,’ and ‘Florida Kilos’ gave Americana vibes? TikTok took that vibe and gave it a twist with the 90s dark lip liner trend.

Getting the Perfect Cherry Cola Lips

1. Start with a lip scrub and a hydrating balm to get your lips ready.

2. Use a lip liner slightly darker than your natural lip tone, creating that ombre effect resembling cola syrup and cherry shades.

3. Matte lipsticks, step aside! Creamy lip liners and high-shine glosses are the stars here. Choose a lip liner a tad darker than your skin tone for a natural shadow effect.

Completing the Look

To ace the cherry cola lip look, balance it out with a fresh face. A tinted moisturizer with a soft-focus powder gives a polished base while defining your eyes with a warm brown kohl pencil and volumizing mascara keeps the focus on the lips.

Here is my take on the cherry cola lip trend.

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If you’re ready to switch up that classic red lipstick for something juicier, give the cherry cola lips trend a go.