This is me, this is you. This is us. A story that is well-framed to catch your attention to understand you’re going wrong somewhere in your life. From what we’ve been taught about self-care and the out of the way options that make it sound complex. 

Assuring you self-care just like mental health is the first step to looking after you. Because eventually you will show up for yourself in the future. As the title says, this is an extremely simple guide that’ll help you study and alter your routine.

1. Design a strong sleep routine:

Unless you identify as a vampire, I don’t see the reason for you to stay up past 1 or 2am, or even earlier. By designing a doable and better sleep routine, for example 10:30pm be off to bed. Start by unwinding by 9:30pm, (which can include your shower, skin-care and book reading). Be up by 7:30-8am, and so forth. This wires your brain naturally and keeps your nights for a healthy sleep enabling REM and sweeter dreams.

2. Take care of your gut:

An unhealthy gut is the cause of many diseases. What you eat, how you eat and at what time you eat all affects your stomach’s wellbeing. Healthy greens and probiotics help feed the good bacteria in your gut, fighting off infections and illness. There’s no need for us to remind you of the beauty of stomach aches or bugs, innit?

3. Partake in rigorous exercise:

Well, not rigorous but the kind that gets your heart pumping. Ya I know that’s the job of your heart anyway. But remember that your cardiovascular is a muscle as well. Training your body and mind is what eventually will pay off in the long run. A great toned and muscular body definitely hides age pretty well, and can create an image of you as someone who loves taking care of themselves. Hey, don’t forget the glowing skin too.

4. Take a self-care trip/time in nature:

A one-on-one with your ultimate mother (earth) can do wonders for a fresh breath of scenery and newer perspective to life. Time spent not at home is just a way to uncage yourself and embrace what your surroundings have to offer. Connect, relish and rise again.

5. Get a bit more organized:

The clutter that you’re loading up in your life, could just be the reason your self-care could be a mess too. Usually when you’re getting organized whether it’s your wardrobe or your routine or even by making and sticking to plans – you’re indirectly feeding off calm and checklists which could make you more organized and put-together in your life.

In life everything is secondary, this is what I’ve come to realize. Invest in yourself – get a gym membership, take more trips and organize your life (and sleep routine pls) to be the best and healthiest version of yourself.