Instagram is one place we can truly dive and explore the World through different eyes. The pictures and individual tastes, allow a new perspective and view to maybe a previously visited destination or a newer location with places to be. 

Barkha Singh is one such personality with 3M followers on the gram. Her highlights highlight one very noticeable want in us, that is to travel. To varied continents that appeal to different natures and stories. 

Here’s 3 reasons why we wanna be where she was:

1. We Are Curious Cats:

Hand us our passports and already paid for flight tickets, (don’t forget the visa) and we’re off to another land. Because let’s face it, the curiouser you are, the more you tend to find. I am on a whole dug out plan when it comes to removing more scoop and finds. One thing I’ve learnt is that Greece certainly has a lot of musical talent when it comes to the streets, and Melbourne is all about the food and animals (in any order).

2. Epic Exploration Escapades:

When it’s just you and your family – exploring becomes much easier. Discovering pubs, historical monuments, places of attraction and more. Diving into their famous and homegrown wines and beers. Elevating the entire experience tenfold. Walking along the seine, taking us back to Monte Carlo, and participating in a cocktail Masterclass all in Paris! Talk about a little dream come true. 

3. Carefree Yet Luxurious:

Winter wonderland and Quebec have one thing in common: It’s a snow-clad region. Christmas Markets in Toronto that hold the festivities in full swing. Luxurious stays such as Ritz Carlton in Muscat, enabling the best of the location to be experienced. Wilding in open air and hot saunas in Copenhagen and living the luxury Igloo life with Arctic Fox Igloos in Finland. 

When it comes to traveling, no one has better stories and places to be than creators. And just like Barkha Singh’s adventures we’re sure to pick up influences along the way and discover every country thoroughly. 

We’re fans of her Instagram feed, what about you?