Step aside, minimalism – there’s a new fashion trend in town, and it’s not something you’d wanna miss. Whoever came up with the phrase “less is more” definitely failed to understand the appeal of maximalist fashion. The mantra of maximalism is more is more and here’s how you can board the maximalism train.

What is Maximalist Fashion?

Maximalist fashion is about breaking all the rules and redefining fashion with its riot of colours, bold patterns, and unabashed mix of textures. “It is a bold and expressive style that embraces abundance and is characterized by using multiple elements in an outfit, including various patterns, colours, textures, and accessories,” says Panya Gupta, Founder of PHUE.

Colour Explosion

No more muted tones: maximalism is all about vibrant colours that help you express your style. From electric blues to fiery reds, it’s a fun palette of shades that adds an instant dose of energy to your wardrobe. “Experiment with bold and contrasting colours to create eye-catching combinations, and don’t shy away from neon hues or jewel tones,” recommends Rimi Nayak, Founder of Rimi Nayak India.

Print and Patterns

Stripes, florals, polka dots – why pick just one? Maximalist fashion thrives on pattern mixing, creating a look that’s anything but ordinary. “The key is to create a harmonious clash that complements rather than competes,” explains Panya. Don’t be surprised if you spot someone rocking stripes with florals and checks – it’s not a mistake; it’s a fashion statement.

All About the Texture

Smooth silk, cosy knits, faux fur – maximalism invites you to touch and feel the fashion. “Incorporate a variety of textures into your outfits. Combine fabrics like sequins, lace, fur, and metallics to add depth and visual interest,” suggests Rimi.

Accessorize to Maximize

If you think less is more when it comes to accessories, think again. Maximalism encourages piling on the bling, stacking bracelets, and throwing on chunky necklaces. “Experiment with bold hats and oversized sunglasses to complete your maximalist ensemble,” says Panya.

Mix, Don’t Match

Gone are the days of carefully coordinating every element of your outfit. Maximalism thrives on the unexpected clash of patterns, colours, and styles. Plaid with animal print? Yes, please! “Maximalist fashion is about mixing, so avoid being too coordinated or matchy-matchy,” suggests Panya.

Maximalism for Every Occasion

Maximalist fashion isn’t confined to runways and red carpets; it’s for everyone, every day. Whether you’re heading to a party or hitting the streets, there’s a maximalist look waiting to elevate your style. Because why save the drama for special occasions when you can bring it into your everyday life?

More is More

There’s no room for subtlety here. So, if you’ve been playing it safe with minimalism, it’s time to replace it with the bold, the bright, and the beautifully chaotic trend.

Image Credits – Instagram, Getty Images