Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, also never stops eating! If you’re a foodie on the hunt for some killer Asian bites, we’ve shortlisted seven spots in Mumbai that’ll have your taste buds dance with joy.

1. Lucy Lou All Day

Lucy Lou All Day is a new hot spot space serving up legit Asian goodness. Lip-smacking chilli garlic noodles and truffle mushroom Cheung Fun that’ll make you want to come back for more.

2. Pa Pa Ya

Pa Pa Ya takes Asian cuisine to a whole new level. From mango sushi to miso ramen, it’s like experiencing layers of flavours in your mouth and the vibe is as chill as it gets.

3. Foo

Foo is where the cool peeps go for a taste of everything Asian. Chinese, Japanese, Thai – they’ve got it all. Don’t miss the dim sums; it’s like a little flavour bomb in every bite.

4. Yauatcha

If you’re feeling a bit posh, head to Yauatcha. Michelin stars? Check. Dim sum that looks too pretty to eat? Double check. It’s like a fancy tea party but with dumplings and way more flavour.

5. The Fatty Bao

Fatty Bao is where street food gets a makeover. Bao buns, sushi rolls – you name it, they have it. Perfect for when you want to spice up your Insta feed and your taste buds.

6. Nom Nom

Nom Nom is where noodles are the king. Wok-tossed, stir-fried – they’ve got it all. It’s comfort food with an Asian twist that’ll have you saying “nom nom” with every bite.

7. Hitchki

Hitchki throws an Indian twist into the Asian mix. It might not strictly be Asian, but who can resist some good Indo-Chinese food?

Whether you’re into traditional flavours or fun fusions, these places serve food that will definitely hit the spot.