Sex appeal is a state of mind or the way you consciously charm yourself in front of people. However, it has never been about the way you look, but how to work with what you’ve already got. We’re taking cues from none other than Seema Anand, a Sexual Health Influencer who teaches us all about sexual wellness and more.

One of her videos that piqued our interest was the one where she talks about Kaveri on The Night Manager. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s time you do, if not for the plot, then how she uses her this weapon to her defense.

These are the following tips she suggests that will help us navigating through developing our sex appeal effortlessly:
  • Feel and look good to radiate confidence:

The weight of grooming yourself and looking good on a daily basis isn’t only for the exterior world, but it is meant to make you feel good.  When you feel good from the inside, you radiate confidence and make you naturally likeable by people.

  • Build Boldness:

Stand out of the crowd by making the first move. Be it whether you choose to buy someone a drink or initiating an ice-breaking conversation. Have faith in yourself and work up the courage to be a little flirtatious. 

  • Be a Mystery:

Don’t reveal too much about yourself, create a lack of supply (you) to increase demand. Exchange numbers and follow each other on their Instagram handles and wait for a day or two to hit them up for a date.

                          Credits: Food&Wine

  • Develop Complex Interests:

Show them you’re a woman of various talents. Partake in activities within the community, get active in the gym, a basketball game or your evening ‘dip’ therapy. Don’t stray back to surprising them to a new you – keeping their eye out to what you’re up to  always.

  • Stay Busy, and Show It:

Keep your calendar full, by attending events, going out for experiences and socializing. Fall in love with yourself first and by boosting this confidence you have, you will attract people to you. 

                          Credits : Brides

Kaveri in The Night Manager was full of life and a party animal, be like her, because eventually, people like hanging around with people who are fun. We’re going back to Hotstar to watch more of her and take tips and so should you, and if there’s anyone’s word you should take, it should be Seema Anands.