We are quick to assume all of us are entitled to a good night’s sleep. You know the one I’m talking about – REM. The percentage of us who actually go into that phase and wake up feeling refreshed instead of tired are incredibly less. 

Our routines are proof to that. Late nights we usually dwell on the day, being constantly stressed, in front of the screens with little to no self-care practices followed. As rightly mentioned in the 321 night time routine – that 1 hour is the most crucial – sight away from the screens for optimized sleep.

Here are 5 ways/steps you can inculcate to get the best rest every night:

1. Green Teas:

There’s one thing our generation has done right in terms of consumption is green teas. The advantages of different herbal infused teas have long-lasting effects. Especially those with Chamomile and Peppermint. A hot brew right beside your bed, under dim lights is incredibly relaxing, not only to the body, but to the senses as well, helping you prepare for a warm and calm sleep.

2. Aromatherapy:

Fragrances have the power to make or break any ambience. Aromatherapy in the way of infusers, or candles set the mood. Brands have identified this need and introduced many scents that can make perfect additions to your bedroom, and let’s not forget they look beautiful.

3. Music:

What is a night without some of your classics playing in the background and you jamming to the content of your heart? Absolute bliss. Music has the power to turn moods, and emotions, even having the instrumental tones playing in your head. I’m a huge follower of listening to either soft music in the night, and most of the time unaware of when I’ve drifted off to sleep. 

4. Read a Book/Journaling:

A book and pen in your hand is all you need to let your ideas and learnings of the day and to process your emotions. Noting down your things to do in a better and more organized way. This prevents your mind from wandering into unnecessary scenarios, once you have a clear picture in front of you. Making you confident and more at ease with what you have in front of you.

5. Relaxing shower:

There’s nothing a good warm/hot shower cannot fix. It is even scientifically proven that long showers will reduce your stress and help you focus on yourself. The bathroom is a paradise, and those who treat it as one have always excelled in their wellbeing leading to a long and restful sleep.

PS: A goodnight’s sleep is ignored by many, which is the foundation for an unhealthy body, and we all know how a messed up sleep routine affects your mindset and body. Keep those steps in mind and inculcate them as soon as tonight when you hit your bed for some unhazed sweet dreams.