This World Vodka Day, we couldn’t help ourselves but bust through our shelves. That consisted of possible mixes that could come out of this miracle drink. When it comes to a party of glitter and glamor, it is just the freshest ingredients and vodka.

The beauty of this alcoholic beverage is that it can be paired with just any cocktail fusion. And the best part is it is healthier than most. And when it comes down to a party you have to know that this will be a success no matter the choice of the mix.

You cannot go wrong with these 5 Vodka mixes in your next party menu:

1. Vodka Party Punch:

This fruity punch of a cocktail can be devoured in the form of your chilled drink or a slushie. With rare hints of alcohol in it – it makes for the perfect drink for anyone at the party. Get your best fruits together to create this perfect punch, dazzling everyone with your surprising bartending skills or just by being a great host.

2. Pink Vodka Lemonade Cocktail:

A four ingredient drink – Vodka, Sprite, Lime Juice and a splash of Malibu which gives the cocktail a very pretty pink color. Add two thin lime wedges to the glass for a burst of flavor. Making it a refreshing drink and tropical sight to the eyes.

3. Lemon Drop Martini:

A sweet-tart flavor that will accentuate your taste-buds. The key to this drink is by using the freshest ingredients and finding the balance to a sweet to sour ratio. All you need is lemon juice and a sweet syrup to adjust to each taste.

4. Screwdriver:

This freshly squeezed orange juice and vodka mix is the ultimate vodka drink that doesn’t just make it a party mix, but a beach or breakfast mix as well. A screwdriver can be paired with any fruit juice – a spike of vodka is all that’s needed!

5. Seabreeze:

A vodka cranberry and grapefruit juice to go in addition makes for a flavorful sea-breeze. This is a member of the fruit and vodka high-ball family. Try to keep the use of grapefruit minimal – the punch of cranberry itself makes it very delicious and an apt party-mix.

These choices make the perfect ‘Vodka Menu’ a hit among your friends and party-goers. Either way there’s a flavor for everyone and with Vodka you can create just about anything with minimal ingredients on hand.