Is your love life hitting snooze town? If the thought of spicing things up in the bedroom with your partner is on your mind, we’ve got your back. Check out these five cool ways to drop the hint without making it awkward.

1. Straight Talk, No Chaser

Sit your partner down for a heart-to-heart. Just let them know things are getting a bit slow in the bedroom. Brainstorm together on how to bring back the fireworks.

2. Share Your Bedroom Bucket List

No judgment zone here! Lay out your fantasies on the table. When you both know it’s a safe space, discussing a dull sex life becomes a breeze. Plus, sharing desires can spark some serious inspiration.

3. Call in the Pros

Ain’t nobody got a perfect sex life. If the DIY route isn’t cutting it, consider bringing in a couple’s counsellor. They can be the middleman and help you communicate.

4. Rekindle That Flame

Tell your partner the spark needs a revival. Identify the glitches in your connection and fix them together. It’s not just about rekindling the romance but also strengthening the bond.

5. Pre-Game Pep Talk

Before starting the big conversation, do a mental run-through. Picture how you want things to roll out. A bit of mental prep ensures you’re ready to drop your thoughts.

In a nutshell, addressing a lacklustre love life may seem difficult but with a little bit of effort, you can bring back the spark.